The Electronic Airway Bill (eAWB)

The Electronic Airway Bill (eAWB)

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1Airlines know that the eAWB can address regulatory requirements and industry pressures as well minimize inefficiencies, increase customer visibility, enable better connectivity and serve as a method to differentiate services.

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2The eAWB is the future for freight forwarders. Transitioning to the eAWB is one of the single most important steps that forwarders can take to upgrade their business and rise above industry and operational challenges.

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3Ground Handling Agents (GHAs) are mobilizing on the eAWB to better communicate with carriers and forwarders and streamline processes. In today’s fast-paced air freight industry, GHAs are finding success by on-boarding with the eAWB.

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Resources and Tools

eAWB: Download an Interactive eBook

Interactive eBook

Download a PDF with resources, tips and techniques, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and more on the eAWB in your market niche. Download our eAWB eBook.

eAWB: How Forwarders Can get Started

A Guide for Forwarders

Rolling out the eAWB is fast and easy. This step-by-step guide details how to implement the eAWB in your operations. Discover how to start to on-board the eAWB.

eAWB Software

The eAWB & Descartes

Descartes has been helping the air cargo industry transition to electronic processes for over 20 years. Learn more about Descartes advanced eAWB solutions.