Benefits for Carriers

Benefits for Carriers

Significant Results, Better Air Shipment Tracking & Communication

Carriers who adopt the eAWB can realize rapid time to value. By replacing paper with digital information, airlines can reduce costs, speed processing and improve productivity and achieve better overall visibility and air cargo tracking in a highly competitive industry.

Some of the specific benefits of the eAWB for airlines include:

  • Better access to information driven by the electronic availability of documents
  • Added connectivity and customer visibility
  • Easier updates and correction of information
  • Reduced costs with minimized paper storage and physical archiving; hard copies can be produced as needed on demand
  • Accelerated regulatory compliance and a better ability to comply with global security filing initiatives
  • Increased Information Technology (IT) security and the ability to maintain an audit trail
  • Improved accuracy and consistency throughout the shipping process from booking through invoicing
  • Decreased manual tasks including a significant reduction in the need to rekey information
  • Increased shipment processing speed; airline agents only need to verify the pieces and weight to accept a shipment

In order for carriers to fully enjoy the benefits of the eAWB, however, other supply chain participants, such as forwarders, must supply digital airway bill information.

The eAWB & Global Visibility

  • Customers expect excellence and speed from the air mode of transport. Methods that carriers can use to enhance business and improve efficiency are critical to staying profitable. The eAWB is a substantial building block to increase global air shipment tracking and visibility.