A Self-Assessment Worksheet

A Self-Assessment Worksheet

Evaluating eAWB Readiness

The eAWBs can help carriers be more competitive and result in operational efficiencies. However, when rolling out the eAWB in a practical sense, airlines should perform a quick analysis with a series of questions to identify capabilities and needs. The assessment should include a review the basic readiness of one’s own company as well as the technological capabilities of partners and regional operators. Some questions include:

  • How are you currently receiving airway bill information from forwarders?
  • When paper is required, are there processes in place to print hard copies on-demand?
  • In regard to security filings, does your technology have room for you to expand into other regions?
  • How much time do you spend re-keying information into your back office system?
  • Have you considered joining a network with multiple stakeholders and partners already connected?
  • If already using the eAWB, have you considered the Single Process Approach? If so, how will you gather and translate data received from carriers?
  • Have you started to evaluate the capabilities of regional partners?
  • How robust are the reporting capabilities within your existing technology?
  • Have you considered partnering with a technology provider to enable the eAWB?

Ready for the eAWB Advantage?

  • Customers expect excellence and speed from the air mode of transport. Methods that airlines can use to enhance business and improve efficiency are critical to staying profitable. Carriers are encouraged begin with a capabilities self-assessment in order to maximize the eAWB advantage.