The Potential for Business

The Potential for Business

Information Technology (IT) & Air Messaging for Forwarders

Forwarders differ in size, needs, approaches and industry niche. In addition, capabilities vary by region, business line and division and can fluctuate during certain periods of time. What a business believes it needs now may not be what is required two years from now.

The eAWB solution selected should be smart, match the needs of forwarders and offer flexible choices including:

  • An industry-tested web-based portal with fast, expert implementation and world-class technical support
  • Capabilities for air cargo messaging for forwarders, including system-to-system communication
  • Value-added services such as comprehensive shipment management, accounting, customs clearance, detailed global Harmonized System (HS) classification, Denied Party Screening (DPS), first/last mile solutions and more
  • Options to reuse electronic data to meet increasing global cargo security initiatives and to ensure that the flow of cargo is not interrupted by poor data flow
  • Additional services to call upon as needed during high volume air freight periods, for complex project work, or to assist smaller branches and independent offices that may not have the resources to enter eAWB details when required

The eAWB & Capabilities to Do More

  • A Simpler, Better & Faster System - Leading forwarders need a flexible range of choices within the same solution or framework that can grow and adapt as business needs change.