Benefits to GHAs

Benefits to GHAs

Achieving Excellence Through an eAWB Implementation

Implementing the eAWB can result in substantial benefits for GHAs. With an effective eAWB rollout, ground handlers can better communicate with airlines and intermediaries, such as forwarders, without the need for paper or manual operations. With a digitized eAWB, GHAs can:

  • Reduce the cost of repeated data entry
  • Enable better methods to notify of discrepancies
  • Minimize data entry errors
  • Focus on problems by exception
  • Reduce the time cargo spends in the warehouse
  • Benefit from a higher capacity to move freight

One primary method for GHAs for derive maximum value from the benefits of the eAWB is through leading technology. With advanced systems in place, GHAs can further speed the flow of goods through operations and enjoy a more seamless data exchange.

A comprehensive understanding of communication and messaging formats is not prerequisite to leverage the benefits of the eAWB. This means that detailed analysis of update and receiving protocols is not needed with the right technology in place.

Benefit from eAWB Implementation

  • GHAs can achieve substantial benefits from an eAWB implementation. Technology can amplify these results and add further operational excellence for GHAs.